Stimulating Storytelling

Spark conversations with powerful documentary films that educate, entertain and inspire.

Experts in thought-provoking films

Years of experience make us your perfect partner for documentary creation.

A great documentary brings a story to life, handles the story with care and gives viewers the full picture from beginning to end. At SJF Productions, we make sure every documentary we make ticks all of these boxes.

Our team has worked with a wide mix of clients, from small independent companies to some of the biggest names in Irish television. So whatever your subject matter or intended goal, we’ve got you covered.

Getting To The Heart Of Your Story

Anyone can tell a story on face value. At SJF, we dig a little deeper. We delve into your subject matter to create subversive documentaries that ask questions, expand minds and challenge perspectives.


We can take initial concepts and turn them into concrete plans, complete with a compelling narrative and detailed shot lists.


We use the most up-to-date technology to capture compelling shots, whatever the environment or subject matter.


Our post-production crew leave no stone left unturned, ensuring every film is
perfectly finessed.

Real-life stories, creatively told

We execute documentaries in a variety of formats, suiting even the most sensitive of subject matter.

Performative Documentaries

Our experts know how to get a subject to open up, share their experiences, and tell stories that demand viewers’ attention.

Observational Documentaries

To capture real life, filmmakers must blend seamlessly into their environments. Decades of experience means our team knows how to record without intrusion.


We blend fact-based documentary with creative drama to develop a compelling narrative for every exciting story.

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